Planning a Home Remodel? Here's How To Choose The Priority Areas

Starting a home remodel can be overwhelming at times You may that you just want to get it over and done with. However, that will only leave you with a half-baked result because you will rush the whole project. A home remodel should elevate your space and raise the property value of your home, so you should do it the right way and use the right contracting firm.

Creative Design & Build is a San Diego design and remodeling firm. We handle all sorts of home remodels including entire house remodels and targeted room remodels. We take the stress and guesswork out of full home remodels by lending you our professional advice and experience at an affordable cost.

We know that remodeling a home is a huge undertaking that requires lots of planning to get right. Before getting into the nitty-gritty of how to choose the priority areas of your home remodel, let's first look at the steps to take before a home remodel. This is a very important aspect of the planning process which ensures that your home remodeler San Diego is on the same page with you on your project.

What comes first in a home remodel?

What is the first step in planning a remodeling or renovation project? These steps make up the first part of your home remodel project. Be sure to tick them off as you start on your remodel.

  • Create a detailed project plan

Come up with the sketches for your home remodel. These could be your ideas on paper. Write a list of what you need to be done, as well as what you want to be done. Research the permits that your project will need and list these down. But do not apply for these permits until you have a San Diego design and remodel team on board your project.

  • Come up with your home remodel budget

Decide the amount you want to spend on your home remodel. Consult professionals in the industry to get detailed prices of materials and labor. Be sure to also budget for even the most mundane expenditures to avoid exceeding your home remodel budget.

  • Hire a home remodeler

If you live in the San Diego area, you should hire a professional home remodeler in San Diego, preferably a firm that has been in the business for a good number of years. Research reviews of these contractors before hiring them.

  • Create a project timeline

With the help of your San Diego design and remodel contractor, create a timeline within which the project should be completed. Discuss how much time each step will take and be sure to stick to this when you start your remodeling project.

  • Make space for your home remodel to begin

If you must move out, pack up and move to your temporary residence to allow the home remodeler to start working on your home remodel. Planning on major work in the kitchen only? Consider a temporary cooking arrangement until the work is complete.

After planning out your home remodel in these 5 steps, you can now go ahead and choose the priority areas to start remodeling. Here is how to do this:

Start with the biggest projects

What should you do first? Our San Diego design and remodel contractors always advise our clients to start their home remodels with the biggest projects. Usually, this is a kitchen remodel or bathroom remodel. Since these are highly essential rooms in any home, it is best to get them finished before any other project for practicality’s sake.

Additionally, these big projects will inadvertently affect the smaller projects. For instance, fixing a roof or strengthening a foundation is a huge project that cannot be done after other projects are finished. Plumbing and electrical wiring are also big projects that should be completed first before anything else.

Make arrangements for demolitions

Is it better to demolish or renovate? To answer this question, your home remodeler in San Diego will consider what you want to achieve. If you must demolish some walls to create more room, plan for this first before doing any more work.

Demolish all the areas that need to go to make room for the remodel. Demolishing is a delicate process that should be handled only by professionals to avoid creating unnecessary damage. Using the services of a professional San Diego design and remodel contractor will take the guesswork out of this step.

Consider windows

Window installation is a part of home remodeling that is important and should be handled by professionals. Installing new windows or re-installing previously removed windows can be a challenge if the manufacturer’s specifications are not followed.

Consider the services of a professional home remodeler to ensure that your windows are set right and to the correct specifications.

Installing Flooring

Choosing flooring to suit your new home remodel is a great way to work in your taste for the remodel. Consider, chic and modern flooring for different parts of the house as well as functional flooring for wet areas.

No matter the style of flooring you choose, installing floors should be done as part of the final phases of your project. By doing this, you will protect your new floors from any damage which could occur as the remodel goes on.  

new kitchen after remodleing project

Let our San Diego Team Take Care of Your Home Remodel

If you reside in San Diego and have a home remodel project in the offing, you must hire the right people. Getting professional contractors to work on your project will ensure that your project goes according to plan.

In what order do you renovate a house? All these and any other questions about a home remodel will be answered by our San Diego design and remodel contractors. We handle all types of remodels, from the kitchen to bathroom and entire home remodels. Our services are affordable and we work within our client's budgets.

Contact us today for a free in-home estimate.

Swap That Inefficient Shower Curtain for an Elegant Glass Shower Enclosure

Are you still relying on a drab shower curtain in your San Diego bathroom? We can recommend an alternative that is way better and more reliable. Invest in a glass shower enclosure and let the best bathroom remodeling San Diego, CA, company install it in your home.

Read on to learn more about shower enclosures and why they are the perfect solution to shower curtains.

Does your San Diego bathroom need an enclosure?

If your shower nook has an open entrance then you definitely need an enclosure. And that is what glass shower enclosures or glass shower cubicles are designed for. An enclosure closes up the bathroom so that you’re not open to the rest of the room when taking a shower or bath.

Likewise, you do need a glass shower enclosure if you have been relying on a PVC or fabric shower curtain to maintain privacy and or to keep water from splashing about when trying to take a shower.

Advantages of glass enclosures

Glass shower enclosures work way better than shower curtains. They also add a lot of value to your bathroom. Here’s how:

  • They instantly add elegance to your bathroom.
  • They add immense value to your bathroom and house.
  • They provide privacy so that multiple people can use the room at the same time.
  • They provide protection from the elements, such as drafts.
  • They keep water from splashing to the area outside the shower pan.
new bathroom glass in Carlsbad

Why are glass enclosures better than traditional bathroom curtains?

Even though a glass bathroom enclosure will cost you considerably more, it does provide lots of benefits over what a shower curtain offers. These benefits include:

  • It will last way longer

A glass enclosure can last for decades if maintained well, unlike shower curtains that last a year or so.

  • No sticking to your body while you shower

Say bye to peeling curtains off your body while showering once you install a glass frame enclosure.

  • Easy to clean

A glass enclosure in your bathroom only needs a quick wipe to remove water stains and dirt.

  • Healthier to use

Unlike PVC plastic shower curtains that may contain toxic chemicals, shower glass frames are toxic-free.

Choosing the right glass enclosure for your bathroom

  • Framed vs frameless

Frameless enclosures cost more but look more contemporary.

  • Frosted vs clear

Frosted glass offers privacy while clear glass does not.

  • Sliding vs swinging glass door

Sliding glass doors save on space in a small bathroom compared to swinging doors.

How we install your glass shower enclosure

First, we’ll have someone come inspect the site and measure the space. We’ll then recommend the best design and discuss options with you.

During installation mounting brackets will be drilled and installed on the walls. The vertical and horizontal frames will then be installed. The glass panels will then be attached to the frames.

How much will a glass shower enclosure cost you?

Glass enclosures range in price from $250 to $1000-plus. Once you choose the design you like best, we’ll add design and labor costs. And these may depend on the type of enclosure you choose. Labor costs can range from $100 to $500.

Would you love a glass bathroom shower enclosure? Talk to Creative Design and Build, the leading bathroom remodeling San Diego, CA, contractor.

Want A Bigger Bathroom? How About A Bathroom Extension?

At Creative Design and Build we relish giving our clients amazing bathrooms whether it’s via a new build or a remodel. One of the challenges that we know most people have when it comes to their bathrooms is not having enough space. Often during bathroom remodels this becomes a main issue to work around. How do you like your bathroom space? Do you wish your San Diego bathroom was larger?

Why bother with a bigger bathroom?

Bigger is often better when it comes to modern construction and remodeling. With more space you can add more utilities to your bathroom and therefore you can also get more out of it. A bigger bathroom also means not having to duck and jump around fixtures as you navigate about. And with more bathroom space, you and your partner can both use the amenities therein without having to negotiate who gets to use what first.

New bathroom space

Options you could have if you had more bathroom space

If you had more bathroom space what would you add to it first? We bet you already have a few items off the top of your head. There are some great options to think about. Our top 3 list includes:

  • A soak tub

Every modern bathroom needs a large luxury soak tub to soak in when you get off work or on weekends. Don’t you agree?

  • A double shower

A large shower with enough room to maneuver without bumping into walls is a nice treat. Better yet, how about a double shower that you and your partner can use independently without taking turns?

  • A double vanity

A double vanity (his & hers) is practical, functional, and necessary. And with enough bathroom space you can get one that is spacious enough.

  • A bidet

Bidets are common in most contemporary bathrooms today. With more bathroom space you too could have the real estate to add a bidet comfortably.

  • Bathroom bench

Who said bathrooms can’t have seating. Well, they can! A bathroom bench is a great utility that will come handy as you dry your feet, wait for your soak tub to fill up, or when you decide to hide away in the bathroom for a while.

Signs that you need a bigger bathroom

You may need a bigger bathroom if:

  • Two people can’t use the bathroom without knocking heads.
  • You only have a single sink in your bathroom.         
  • There’s no freestanding space left.
  • There’s not enough storage space.

Different ways you could have a bigger bathroom via a remodeling extension

With a little ingenuity and bravery you could carve out some extra space for your bathroom. Some of the options include:

  1. Borrow some space from adjacent rooms, e.g. a guest bedroom, spare bathroom, garage, etc.
  2. Create an extension by taking on some outdoor space.

Either of these options will take some work, and some cost. But the end result would be darn worth it when you have your spacious bathroom full of all the sanitary amenities you desire.

If you’re dealing with a small bathroom and would like ideas on how to change that, talk to us. We are the leading bathroom remodeling San Diego CA company and together we know we can come up with a great solution.

Ideas On How To Carve Up Space From Your San Diego Bathroom

Small bathrooms are a constant headache for many homeowners and tenants across the country. Do you ever wish that your tiny bathroom wasn’t as cramped as it is? There are ways to carve up some extra space from small bathrooms. Some of these might appear drastic, but remember drastic results require drastic measures. Check them out below and see which ones could apply to your San Diego bathroom.

Chuck the tub or go for a tub/shower combo

Removing one large piece from your bathroom is easier and more practical than compromising on many other smaller pieces. If you have a small bathroom with a tub, getting rid of the tub will free up lots of floor space that should add leg room or allow for other installations. If you can’t bear the thought of having no tub, how about having a tub/shower combo? There are some affordable options in the market if budget is an issue for you.

Replace the double sink vanity with a single sink unit

If you replace a double sink vanity with a single sink vanity you will free up space that is enough to fit a toilet unit, or more. Although a double unit is usually preferred, a single sink vanity will do okay for a common bathroom or in a small household. Now obviously, you do already have a toilet in the bath so that explanation is just for comparison. You could use the free space to install handy shelving units or you could leave the area open to give your bathroom the illusion of being not so packed.

Swap the vanity sink for a pedestal unit

Is a vanity unit in your small bathroom still too much? A sure solution is a pedestal sink. These look elegant and they take up very little space. They are also easy to install. A pedestal sink unit works well where you find that a vanity unit is obstructing easy entry or exit into a small bathroom. The pedestal sink allows for more space between it and the swinging door making entry and exit less awkward.

new bathroom after a construction project

Create vertical storage

A guaranteed way to create space in small rooms is utilizing vertical spaces. Now you want to create balance such that you don’t weight down your bathroom walls with storage. A classy way to go about it is to choose one wall to use as storage. It could even be a half wall such as that above the toilet unit or that above the vanity mirror. Standalone racks and mounted hooks are good options too.

Utilize hidden storage as much as possible

You can also go an extra step and create space within your tiny bathroom – space that is not easily discernible at a random glance. Medicine cabinets behind vanity mirrors are a great example. Vanity units can also offer hidden storage space under and behind them, especially if they are stand-alone units.

Creative Design and Build offers the best bathroom remodeling San Diego County services. Call to talk to us and let us plan how to give you a bathroom you can be proud of.

What To Consider Before Adding A Bathtub During Your San Diego Bathroom Remodel

A bathtub is a great addition to any bathroom. It adds style and class and it gives you the luxury and pleasure to soak up and rejuvenate whenever you want to pamper yourself a little. But is it possible for you to have one fitted during your bathroom renovation project? Remember, just because its great doesn’t mean it works for everyone.

Is it safe to install and operate a tub in your bathroom?

A bathtub needs to be installed on a floor that has joists strong enough to support it when full and in use. Larger tubs that can hold two or more people carry even more weight when in use and need even more support for them to be safe to operate. So before installing one, you need to have your contractor or engineer evaluate the structural integrity of your bathroom floor. There also needs to be good drainage provided. And in other cases, a bed of mortar is needed to support the tub and keep it from breaking with time. 

new bathroom

Is there enough space?

Bathtubs take more space compared to standard bathroom shower cubicles. So you also need to see if there is enough space to add a tub and still remain with adequate space to move around without crashing into walls and fixtures. There are modern tubs that could work for tight spaces. However, other more luxurious tubs need plenty of space. In the case of the latter, you could explore the possibility of enlarging your bathroom to create additional space.

Is there access to get the bathtub to the bathroom?

Another crucial point to look into before ordering your bathtub is to check whether you have a way of getting it all the way from your driveway and into your bathroom space safely. Bathtubs are bulky and need delicate handling. So if you have tiny rickety stairs leading upstairs or tight corners leading up to the second floor master bathroom, you may want to think about how you’ll get the tub to its intended destination.

What type of bathtub fits your space and style best?

There are lots of bathtub designs on the market. These range in shape, size, design and even functionality as it is with the whirlpool and air bathtubs.  And when it comes to installation, there are freestanding tubs as well as drop-in units, as well as bathtub and shower combos. And there are different brands to consider as well such as Sterling, Kohler, and more.  If you want your bathtub to stand out, there are copper tubs, acrylic tubs, walk-in tubs, and massage tubs to consider. It is important, therefore, that you consider the tub style that best meets your needs, your style, as well as the style of your bathroom area.

Planning a bathroom remodeling San Diego County project? Look no further than Creative Design & Build. We are based in San Diego and bathroom remodeling is one of our top services. Let us help you install a tub, and maybe even pick one!

What to Consider Before Your Coronado Bathroom and Kitchen Remodel

Remodeling your bathroom or kitchen is usually a fun activity to look forward to. Apart from the intricate process, the final work is definitely worth the time and money put into your remodel project. As you consider what you would like to give a facelift to in your bathroom and kitchen, some questions you should ask yourself include:

  • Why do I need a kitchen or bathroom remodel?

Before embarking on a time and money consuming activity such as a remodel of your bathroom and kitchen, consider why you need it. It could be that your space needs a face-lift or a more modern look.  Whatever your reasons are, consider the services of a kitchen remodeling Coronado expert like our company. We have done exquisite kitchen remodels for various homes over the past 15 years that we have been in the business.

  • How much will such a remodel cost?

Remodeling your bathroom or kitchen will definitely cost you some cash. It is a venture that you must plan and budget for carefully so that you do not scrimp on any of the additions you may want to include in your new kitchen or bathroom. At Creative Design and Build, we offer our clients a wide array of services to choose from as well as products which will suit your budget comfortably.

  • What are the timelines for a remodel?

No one remodel is equal to another; they all vary in terms of budget and scope of work. For instance, for a bathroom remodel, we offer various services which include a full remodel of the master bathroom, taking out a tub and remodeling to a shower and so on. All these services will vary in timelines from start to finish. So you need to prepare yourself to relocate to another bathroom in the house for a bit of time.

  • Will my tastes and preferences be taken into consideration?

A professional contractor knows that putting a customer’s needs first is what makes a job worthwhile. It is paramount that you source for a contractor who will take into consideration what you need and offer you advice accordingly without ignoring your considerations. Customer satisfaction drives our service delivery at Creative Design and Build because we understand that you will have to live with the remodel; so we make sure that you will love it and that it resonates with your personality.

kitchen area with an island

  • Where do I start if I need a remodel of my kitchen OR bathroom?

First and foremost, look for a professional contractor who will work with you from the beginning of this process to the end in a professional manner. A professional contractor will answer any questions you have (such as this one) clearly. You also need to get an estimate of your full remodel job before you can decide when to start as this will be based on the availability of funds on your end.

Looking for a professional bathroom remodeling Coronado, CA expert? Consider the services of Creative Design and Build Ltd. Our company has over 15 years experience in bathroom and kitchen remodels and we are fully licensed. Contact us today for a free estimate of your anticipated remodel.

Tips On How To Handle Your San Diego Kitchen Or Bathroom Remodel During Coronavirus

Even though the coronavirus pandemic is still raging on across the country, we understand that homeowners still need to develop the spaces they live in for various reasons. Here at Creative Design & Build San Diego, we are still offering our clients the very same services we have always provided – but this time with a lot of precaution involved due to prevailing reasons.

Need a kitchen or bathroom remodeling San Diego? Read on for some advice on how to handle your project at this time while staying safe.

Should you proceed with your kitchen or bath remodeling at this time?

It is perfectly okay to feel conflicted about whether you should proceed with your remodel at this time given all the things going on with this pandemic. You will most likely question yourself every step of the way, especially in the lead-up to giving your contractor a call and hiring them for the job you have in mind.

So what’s the answer to the big question? The answer is yes. If you take the right steps to protect yourself and those around you then by all means proceed with your remodel. Also, we understand that in some cases a remodel is an urgent matter. That applies in cases such as when:

  • Your home needs urgent repairs.
  • Your home needs to go on sale.
  • You just bought a property and need to work on it before moving your family in.


Choosing and hiring a remodeling contractor during coronavirus

Under normal circumstances, hiring a remodeling contractor entails looking at their experience, their reputation (especially with past clients), the projects they have completed before, and seeing if they can tackle a project similar to yours, among other things.

With the coronavirus now, you also have to go another extra mile and look at factors pertaining to health and safety. You should only hire a contractor if they are taking active measures to ensure that they keep themselves safe while keeping their clients safe as well. To this end, you can:

  • Hire contractors with active counter-corona measures.
  • Hire contractors that live near you to reduce contact exposure.
  • Have your contractor retain only a small workforce.


Ask your SD contractor what measures they will take to keep you safe

Taking precautions when choosing who remodels your bathroom or kitchen is not enough. You also need to ensure that the contractor will be helping you with that mission. Ask them what they are doing to protect their clients against coronavirus.

Some of the things they could be doing include:

  • Wearing protective gear when working.
  • Giving online quotes and consults.
  • Regularly checking their staff for infections.


How to keep yourself safe during a remodel at this time

Apply the same measures that health professionals and the government have advised. Practice social distancing, wear a mask when interacting with your remodeling team, wash your hands regularly, and sanitize your spaces (especially those being worked on).

Creative Design & Build is ready to provide you with a safe and spectacular bathroom or kitchen remodeling San Diego. We have superb measures in place to keep our customers safe so feel free to work with us even during this challenging time.

How To Remodel Your San Diego Bathroom Or Kitchen And Stay Safe During The Coronavirus Pandemic

Tired of your boring kitchen or worn bathroom? Despite how much of a damper and how much worry coronavirus has put on your plans, we understand that you may still want to carry out your remodel in San Diego. And you can still get it done. However, that brings with it quite some risk considering you may be required to move about and interact with more people than you usually would. But luckily for you, we have great ideas on how you can manage your kitchen or bathroom remodeling San Diego without putting yourself in grave risk. Read on to find out more.

Seek quotes and consultations online

Want to go out knocking on office doors looking to talk to kitchen and bathroom designers or seek quotes? That exposes you to too much risk as you travel and walk about the streets. You can get the same (if not more) done by simply going the online way. Just hop onto your PC and do it all online. At Creative Build & Design we offer quick and free estimates via our easy to fill forms on our websites. You can also call us and get a free quote over the phone. And once you consider using us for your kitchen remodeling San Diego, we can schedule online consults via video chat where you can talk to our builders and designers and get all your questions answered. And you can do all this safely from the comfort of your living room.

Get a San Diego contractor that will source supplies for you

It is not safe for you to go into crowded big-box stores and hardware stores to purchase building supplies. You can limit that exposure by working with a San Diego contractor such as Creative Design & Build who will go out and procure your bathroom and kitchen supplies for you. This includes:

  • Countertops and faucets
  • Lights and lighting features
  • Flooring materials
  • Mirrors and vanities
  • Bar stools for your kitchen island
  • Paint and wallpaper

Seek secondary accommodation during the remodel if possible

If the remodel at your property will take a few days, you can cleverly limit the exposure to other people by temporarily relocating your family to a secondary dwelling space. You could put up at a hotel. Or maybe you prefer a short term rental space on Airbnb? This will shield you from coming into contact with all the people who will be coming to your site daily. Nevertheless, we will endeavor to work fast so that you can have your new space all to yourself as soon as possible.

Decontaminate your San Diego space after the remodel just to be safe

Last, but not in any way the least, another serious measure you could (and should) take at this time is to decontaminate your newly-remodeled space to limit chances of coronavirus cross-infection. This will give you utmost peace of mind as you enjoy your new swanky kitchen or bathroom. Although all our staff at Creative Design & Build will be wearing protective gear and sanitizing frequently, there is always a risk that there is Covid-19 particulate matter in the air or on your surfaces. Hire a 3rd party cleaning service to do it for you. Or maybe you want to decontaminate your house by yourself?

Need Space For A Rental Unit On Your San Diego Property? Check Out These Ideas

The real estate market in San Diego has been on the rise in recent times. While this may mean higher buying prices, it also means more demand and lucrative rental prices for those already owning a piece of property in this section of Southern California. With the help of a company such as Creative Design & Build, you can easily turn some of your space into a fully functioning rental unit and start earning some decent passive income. Interested?

Below, see some of our ideas on some of the areas you can convert into a rental unit in your home.

  1. Garage ADU

kitchen contractor near meGot a garage that you no longer actively use? This could be a perfect rental space if it is big enough, e.g. a double garage space. This space is already connected to the main house and is insulated. All that is needed is an ADU (accessory dwelling unit) remodel to get this space ready and habitable. It could act as a bedroom or small studio for a single adult. And they can have their own independent entrance door so you still get to enjoy your privacy.

  1. Basement remodel

Have a basement that you have no idea what to do with? Not everyone has their basement functioning as a man cave, home theatre or children’s play room. Quite a lot of basements are empty and neglected. With a bit of investment these large spaces can be turned into guest wings that can then be rented out. Most often have a bathroom so a kitchen is then added via a kitchen remodeling San Diego installation. After working on the flooring, lighting, walls, and adding furniture, the space is usually good to go.

  1. Pool house installation/remodel

If you have a pool house on your San Diego home that too can easily be flipped into an awesome rental unit. It can even work as a short term rental unit that you could list online for visiting tourists. A pool house is likely to fetch very good rental rates if done well because it has the potential to carry that leisurely high-end look and feel. If you don’t have a pool house but have adequate outdoor space and a pool, we could install one for you. And when you’re not renting it out you could use it as a guest wing or as an actual pool house.

  1. Room addition/ house extension

If your outdoor space is not that abundant, a good alternative is a room addition process. This is where we add a new room somewhere adjacent to your existing house. We can even add a new living suite complete with a kitchenette and a bathroom thanks to our bathroom remodeling San Diego experts. We often do this for families who have outgrown their house. But the same also works very well for shrewd homeowners who don’t mind becoming landlords as well.


Feeling like a landlord yet? For any of the above projects Creative Design & Build can handle the entire project management including application for permits, drawing up designs, and even installing furniture.

Here’s How You Can Add More Storage Space To Your Kitchen

Storage is often a big factor when it comes to designing, constructing or remodeling kitchens. Without sufficient storage, a kitchen can quickly lose its functionality and allure. Are you struggling with storage issues in your kitchen? Below are some great ideas on how to carve out more storage space from your kitchen, besides the normal cabinets and drawers, of course. Kitchen Storage Space Contractors

If you need a lot of storage in your kitchen then a pantry is a must-have for you. A pantry allows you to carve out an entire section dedicated solely to storing pots, pans, and food supplies. And although it only takes up a small amount of your floor space, a pantry can hold a lot. They are especially ideal for storing supplies or utilities that you don’t necessarily use every day, such as blenders or long term storage food such as cans and jars. And you don’t need to worry about a pantry ruining the style of your kitchen. Modern pantry designs can complement your kitchen space or even camouflage it.

Hidden storage compartments
If you need extra storage and would still like to maintain a clean or minimalistic look on your kitchen then hidden storage is right for you. The same applies to homeowners with tiny kitchens. Hidden storage is very functional because you can cram a lot of items within a very small space. And because the compartment stays hidden 95% of the time, you don’t have to worry that it may look cluttered. Simple pull-out storage compartments, for example, are clever and make great use of spaces that might otherwise go underutilized.

Kitchen island storage
Do you have a kitchen island? Are you planning on installing one during your kitchen remodeling Poway project? Approximately half of all kitchen islands have no storage compartments built into them. This is unfortunate considering that islands provide great storage potential. Not only is it a lot of space, you can effectively utilize all of it. You could install an entire pantry under a kitchen island, for example. This would greatly allow you to declutter your space. And with use of clever cabinet doors, you could easily make it hidden storage
Countertop storage
If you are desperate for storage space in your kitchen you could compromise and go for countertop storage. The free space on and above countertops can be cleverly used to hold a lot of items. The best way to go about it is to install open shelves on the countertops. That way you can maximize on both the lateral and the vertical space. You can then load them up with storage jars, spice containers, canned foods, cutlery, and more. With this approach you don’t even have to use up much of your countertop space. A few racks or shelves might be all you need.

We hope this helps with your kitchen storage challenges. If you need help installing storage solutions in your Poway kitchen let us know and we’ll discuss all the viable options and designs with you.

Does Your Bathroom Need A Remodel?

Bathrooms are some of the most ‘delicate’ spaces in any home. Unlike other rooms that can be allowed to age a little bit, bathrooms have to be in good shape all year round because they are the hygiene headquarters of any given house. The kitchen holds the same position too. However, let’s focus on the bathroom for now. How do you tell that your bathroom needs some work? Here are a few pointers.

Mold infestation

Bathrooms are highly susceptible to mold due to the water and moisture that is constantly circulating and flowing around its surfaces. The walls and ceilings are especially affected. And because most bathrooms are light in color, the mold stands out like a sore thumb creating an eyesore for all that visit. If this is the case with your bathroom, a fresh coat of paint is past due. Not only that, you may also need to improve air circulation/ventilation in there by maybe installing a larger window.

Cracked, dirty or stained tiles

Most bathrooms are covered in tiles. There are tiles on the floor and there are tiles on the walls. Over time, tiles will show signs of age (or neglect). And it does get to a point where the only solution is to replace them. If your tiles are broken, cracked, or stained, you most probably need to retile the bathroom. The same applies if the grouting on your tiles is chipped, stained or missing in whole. Retiling your bathroom not only gives it a facelift, it also helps prevent water damage behind the walls and underneath the floor.

Poor lighting

No one enjoys taking a shower or a bath in a poorly-lit space. For one, everyone needs good visibility when taking a bath. Secondly, lighting is very important if the bathroom is to be kept clean. And third, great lighting simply makes a bathroom look elegant and chic. If your bathroom has just a single lonely dim bulb or no natural light whatsoever then consider installing modern lighting, improving the flow of natural light, and probably changing the wall décor to allow better light reflection.

Leaky faucets, pipes, shower or shower base

Plumbing is critical for a bathroom. The moment pipes and faucets start to fail the bathroom starts to get dysfunctional. And you don’t want your bathroom getting dysfunctional, whether it’s the toilet, the faucet, or the shower system. Not only can it get unhygienic, messy, and wasteful on water, it can also lead to water damage, rot, mold, algae, termites, and other related issues.

Outdated features

Last but not least, your bathroom needs a remodeling if it has outdated features. It’s very important to keep your décor updated with the times. And in 2019 some features are just too drab to have anymore. For example, if your bathroom still has glass bathroom tiles or that 1960’s green wall paint then it’s time to change it. A bright contemporary theme will immediately transform your space and make you want to spend more time in there.

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The 5 Most Important Questions When Choosing A Designer For Your Kitchen Or Bathroom Remodel

Today, kitchen and bathroom remodels are a dime a dozen. Choosing to remodel your space is not the difficult part, clearly. The most difficult part of a remodel today is finding the right designer to work with; someone who will execute your vision as you see it. So how then can you find such a person, what do you need to look out for, what questions do you need to ask?

This is what you need to ask yourself before picking a designer for your kitchen remodel or bathroom remodel.

Have they done similar work before?

Contractors dabble in lots of fields. Most have their fingers in every type of work you can think of. And that may not necessarily be a bad thing. However, do not assume that any contractor you across automatically qualifies for the specific type of work you need done. Perhaps they have only worked on roofs and exterior works and have never built a kitchen or bathroom. So always find out if they have done similar work before. And if possible they should show you some examples for comparison.

Do they have a clear work schedule?

Still on some contractors having their fingers in various jobs, you don’t want to work with someone whose attention is split between various projects. You want a contractor that has all their focus on your kitchen or bathroom remodel. So always ask prospective candidates if they have a clear work schedule. And if they are slated to start on a certain project in the near future, make sure that they have enough time to complete your work between now and then; you don’t want them rushing your work just so they can jump onto the next job when the time comes.

Do they understand and love the idea behind your remodel?

A remodel is personal for you as the client. You are heavily invested in the process and you know exactly what you want to do to your spaces. It is important, therefore, that the remodel designer you choose to work with understands your idea and loves it just as much. That way they will be invested as well and will do whatever is needed to give you the results you want without compromising. Think about it, if your designer does not love the idea or understand it, how then can they actualize it?

Do they have great ideas to chip into the project?

It is not enough that your designer understands and loves your idea, can they add value to it as well? Can they contribute ideas to make your kitchen or bathroom even better and more durable or functional? It’s only right that they do because they are the experts and you’re paying them to add their value, skills, and experience to your project.

Are they licensed, insured, and bonded?

Last, but not least, ask your designer if they have the requisite documents to operate. These requirements will allow you to establish that you’re working with an authentic contractor and that your work is protected should anything go wrong. A state license tells you that they are allowed to do the work, insurance tells you that you will be compensated should something go wrong, and a bond assures you that your work will get completed should your contractor be unable to.

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