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"Wowww. Let's start with the fact that I hardly had a good experience with contractors because of past experiences so I choose them extremely carefully. First off, they were never pushy. I can always sense if someone is over trying, but these guys were so confident about their work that they haven't tried pushing for a second. When my wife and I decided to move forward and replace our shingles on our roof, everything just went super smooth. Times were respected.

Once, a minor time change happened so they made sure to give us a call the day before. After demolishing the old roof, we realized we had an area of about 20x30 ft that was water damaged. I mentioned that to the crew and left for work. By evening, when I was back, I saw it was fixed. It concerned me that they moved forward without telling me they would be replacing the damaged plywood will cost since it wasn't part of our contract with them. The next day I mentioned this to the crew manager, Jamie, and he smiled and said that he's sure the company will go super easy. Finally, when they completed the job (beautifully I might add), they haven't charged a dime extra.

Highly professional and highly recommended. One thing is sure, we need to redo our master bathroom and they are getting it."

~ Danny M.

San Diego, CA

"Me and my wife were planning to get a bathroom remodel done, so we went on home advisor and researched contractors that work in our area. We live in Rancho Bernardo and one of the companies was Creative Design and Build. After meeting with one other person, we felt like Creative Design and Build was really on board with all our ideas and some new creative ideas that Josh the project manager was giving us. When we met, we felt really comfortable with him and with the crew that worked in the house. The project went really well and we are really happy and satisfied with the end product. Thank you so much, Creative Design and Build for your great workmanship."

~ Ethan S.

San Diego, CA

Bathroom Remodeling Testimonial

Bathroom Poway
Bathroom Poway

Bathroom Remodel

Create a more pleasant bathroom space.

Creating a fully functioning and beautiful bathroom ideas can drastically increase the value of a home.

  • Full in-home remodel
  • Tub to shower remodel
  • Full master bathroom
  • Shower-to-shower remodel

Bathroom Remodeling In San Diego California

Some people do not see the need to remodel a bathroom. After all, it is one of the rooms in your home that you spend the least of your time in. However, simply because the bathroom gets the least attention does not mean it should be forgotten. It is a special space in your home and therefore it needs to be maintained in top shape all year round.

So why remodel my bathroom?

You may decide to remodel a bathroom for purposes of increasing the resale value of your house. As you may already know, an inviting bathroom is top on the checklist of many homebuyers. The plumbing and ceramic endures years, sometimes decades of neglect. Your once quaint marble white bathroom may start showing wear signs such as discoloration. This will be an eyesore and a total deal breaker for potential home buyers when it is time to sell.

Bathroom remodel near me?

Additionally, you can decide to remodel your bathroom simply to improve its aesthetics. The bathroom need not be the dullest room in your home. A simple remodel could have you spending more time in that ‘forgotten’ room, transforming it to your personal sanctuary where you can enjoy a glass of wine while relaxing in the tub.

What constitutes a bathroom remodel?

Not every bathroom is the same. A master bathroom could have a shower or bathtub (or both), a toilet, a sink, elegant mirrors, minimalistic lighting and some classy vanity. Others like the guest or basement bathroom might just have the essentials. Therefore, a bathroom remodel depends on the type of bathroom in question. In general, a bathroom remodel involves improving the design, placement and quality of the shower, bathtub, lighting, mirrors, toilet and vanity.

How do we do it?

A bathroom remodel starts with contacting professionals such as yours truly. A representative from Creative Design & Build pays you an in-home consultation visit to view the bathroom(s) in question. The representative takes note of the size of the bathroom as well as your interests. We guide you on what works for your bathroom, such as whether to install a single-basin sink or a double sink vanity. We also offer free estimates as well as assistance in choosing the right quality of materials.

Can’t I do it alone? What will be the bathroom remodel cost?

Our input goes a long way in creating the perfect bathroom for your liking. We offer a vast catalog of contemporary styles that only go well with certain types of vanity and not others. The key is to create a consistent modern look that blends together with every component in the bathroom. If not done right, a single component such as a faucet could alter or ruin the overall contemporary style you had in mind.

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Upgrade Any Part of Your Bathroom

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