Construction Contractor in Poway, San Diego, CA

Construction Contractor in Poway, San Diego, CA

Do you have a construction project at home? Maybe you want to have your driveway built, your patio roofed, maybe you want a new deck in your backyard, or maybe you just need to remodel your kitchen or bathroom? Creative Design & Build is your number one solutions provider for all matters related to design and remodeling in Poway, CA. We have been serving San Diego county for the last fifteen years and we would like you to enjoy our expertise and creativity.

Our design & construction services in Poway

  • Kitchen remodeling – Has your kitchen deteriorated over the years? Or did you buy a house in the area but you just don’t like the design or layout of the kitchen? Leave it to us to remove hideous tile, countertops or cabinets and replace them with elegant options that match your taste.
  • Bathroom remodeling – Need an ensuite in your new master bedroom? We can install new vanities, new shower screens, new tubs, new tiling, new lighting, and plenty of other mazing features that will have you tempted to live off your bathroom.
  • Interior remodeling – Never before in architectural history has interior design been so focal in homes. And lucky for you, there are lots of options to try out. We can install wall paper or apply eco-friendly paints to glam up your wall. We also install ceilings, cornices, curtain rods, shelves, and more.
  • Exterior remodeling – The exterior of your house should not be forgotten as well. Creative Design & Build can help improve the curb appeal of your home by remodeling the exterior. This can tremendously improve the value of your home and help you get multiple bids if planning to sell.
  • Full remodeling – We can also tackle large jobs such as full remodeling projects. This is where the entire property (or the majority of it) has work that needs to be done to it. We have the necessary capacity including technicians and project managers to coordinate the entire process. All you have to do is say what you need done and we’ll do the rest. That includes dismantling, rebuilding, installing, repairing, and advising you along the way.
  • Room addition – Has your home gotten too small for your family? This can happen if you have in-laws, parents or siblings living with you. And instead of trying to buy a larger house, we can add some rooms to your existing house and make it comfortable enough for everyone. We’ll liaise with the local authorities to get permits and approvals for you.
  • Hardscaping – It’s not enough to just work on your house while leaving the outside bare and unattended to. And this is where hardscaping comes in. We can scape your outdoor spaces in Poway to make them inviting, durable, livable, and easy to maintain. We have different options for you to from such as stone, slate, pavers, bricks, concrete, stamped concrete, and more.

Your Poway contractor is waiting!

Our design team at Creative Design & build is waiting to hear from you. Let us do for you what we have done for so many others in Poway, CA, and other areas around San Diego. Our phone lines are open and we can be reached via (855) 445-9455. Contact us today for a free estimate.