Tips On How To Handle Your San Diego Kitchen Or Bathroom Remodel During Coronavirus

Even though the coronavirus pandemic is still raging on across the country, we understand that homeowners still need to develop the spaces they live in for various reasons. Here at Creative Design & Build San Diego, we are still offering our clients the very same services we have always provided – but this time with a lot of precaution involved due to prevailing reasons.

Need a kitchen or bathroom remodeling San Diego? Read on for some advice on how to handle your project at this time while staying safe.

Should you proceed with your kitchen or bath remodeling at this time?

It is perfectly okay to feel conflicted about whether you should proceed with your remodel at this time given all the things going on with this pandemic. You will most likely question yourself every step of the way, especially in the lead-up to giving your contractor a call and hiring them for the job you have in mind.

So what’s the answer to the big question? The answer is yes. If you take the right steps to protect yourself and those around you then by all means proceed with your remodel. Also, we understand that in some cases a remodel is an urgent matter. That applies in cases such as when:

  • Your home needs urgent repairs.
  • Your home needs to go on sale.
  • You just bought a property and need to work on it before moving your family in.


Choosing and hiring a remodeling contractor during coronavirus

Under normal circumstances, hiring a remodeling contractor entails looking at their experience, their reputation (especially with past clients), the projects they have completed before, and seeing if they can tackle a project similar to yours, among other things.

With the coronavirus now, you also have to go another extra mile and look at factors pertaining to health and safety. You should only hire a contractor if they are taking active measures to ensure that they keep themselves safe while keeping their clients safe as well. To this end, you can:

  • Hire contractors with active counter-corona measures.
  • Hire contractors that live near you to reduce contact exposure.
  • Have your contractor retain only a small workforce.


Ask your SD contractor what measures they will take to keep you safe

Taking precautions when choosing who remodels your bathroom or kitchen is not enough. You also need to ensure that the contractor will be helping you with that mission. Ask them what they are doing to protect their clients against coronavirus.

Some of the things they could be doing include:

  • Wearing protective gear when working.
  • Giving online quotes and consults.
  • Regularly checking their staff for infections.


How to keep yourself safe during a remodel at this time

Apply the same measures that health professionals and the government have advised. Practice social distancing, wear a mask when interacting with your remodeling team, wash your hands regularly, and sanitize your spaces (especially those being worked on).

Creative Design & Build is ready to provide you with a safe and spectacular bathroom or kitchen remodeling San Diego. We have superb measures in place to keep our customers safe so feel free to work with us even during this challenging time.