Need To Update Your San Diego Kitchen Cabinets? Here Are Some Ideas

Your kitchen cabinets are not meant to last forever. And you’ll know it when you see ugly stains that won’t come off, dents, chips, broken pieces, etc. But even before their “best before” date comes, you will start to see obvious signs of wear screaming back at you.

Because of their highly aesthetic role, your kitchen cabinets need to look good always. So there’s no two ways about it. An update is necessary every now and then.

Read on to see the different approaches you can implement to restore your kitchen cabinets via your kitchen remodel San Diego contractor.

Re-paint them

Paint is one way to turn back the hands of time and the punishment your kitchen cabinets have taken. A fresh coat of paint makes your cabinets and drawers look like new. And while you’re at it, you get to re-seal them and add some décor and color to your kitchen.

But painting is not an outright option for any kitchen cabinet remodel. It only works if the cabinets in questions are in good structural condition and just need cosmetic work. For example, they have faded or have stains on them. In such cases, painting is a good option. And of course, you get to save the wood and maybe even save some money in the process.

Can I just paint over painted cabinets?

Some prep work is needed so that the new paint work looks professional. And the most important prep work here is sanding. Sanding the cabinets also helps the new coat of paint to attach better.

Have them wrapped

Did you know that you can wrap your kitchen cabinets? Yes, that’s right. Vinyl wrapping has expanded beyond the automobile industry and into the kitchen. It’s a growing trend in kitchen remodeling.

Having your kitchen cabinets wrapped has several great benefits. They include:

  • There are many design options to choose - from plain colors to patterns and abstract designs.
  • The vinyl wrap looks just like the real thing, if not better.
  • Vinyl wrapping will hide dents, cracks, and other structural damage on your cabinets.
  • It’s an affordable option.

Are vinyl wrapped kitchen doors any good?

Vinyl wrapping kitchen cabinets is okay. However, note that it’s not for all types of cabinets. Vinyl wrapping works best for smooth surfaces so it’s more applicable for boards. Your kitchen remodeler will advise you appropriately on this.

Sand them down and reseal

Not a fan of adding paint to wood? And vinyl wrapping is not your style? There is another option that just might be what you need.

Can kitchen cabinets be sanded and re-stained?

You can keep your San Diego kitchen cabinets all natural by simply sanding them down and applying layers of sealant. This option is great for cabinet doors made of solid wood. Through this process you get to retain the beautiful wood doors. The sanding process removes all surface-level wear and the coating protects the wood for some time to come. You even have the option to stain the wood. Common stain colors include shades of grey and brown.

If you stain the cabinets with a clear-looking seal, you get to achieve a traditional rustic or bohemian style. And if you stain, especially with a grey color, you give the cabinets an instant modern look.

Buy made-to-order replacements and have them installed

You have probably seen ready-to-buy kitchen cabinets online or in stores such as IKEA. Those, too, are an option. Made-to-order kitchen cabinets are often cheaper than custom-made options. They are an easy and quicker option too. So if you are aiming for a budget kitchen remodel in San Diego then you want to explore this option too.

There are many designs to choose from. But make sure that you get the sizing correct. You can have your contractor do the measuring and ordering if you’re not very handy.

Order custom replacements with your choice of fittings

For a high-end kitchen, we recommend custom kitchen cabinets. These are made just for your kitchen and as per your exact specifications. Custom kitchen cabinets cost more but it’s the way to go if you want a spectacular kitchen that will wow your guests and keep you impressed day after day.

Your custom cabinets’ contractor will discuss with you all the design details. That includes the colors, trims, as well as placement and design of fittings.

New kitchen

Are custom cabinets of better quality?

For the most part, yes. Custom kitchen cabinets are often made with higher quality materials and better workmanship overall. They also offer a much better fit.

Why updating your kitchen cabinets is always a good idea:

You should update your kitchen cabinets because they do need to be changed or refreshed over time. They are highly-wearable surfaces in the kitchen, especially the doors/faces.

How do I know if my kitchen cabinets are good quality?

Some of the signs of wear in kitchen cabinets include:

  • Loose hinges or handles
  • Dents or chipping
  • Cracks or broken pieces
  • Loose joints
  • Stains
  • Peeling surfaces
  • Water damage
  • Fire damage

How often do you need to replace kitchen cabinets?

This will vary from kitchen to kitchen. In some cases the kitchen cabinets can only last a year and on others they can go for 5 years or more. Your contractor should make this assessment during your kitchen remodel San Diego project.

When you step into a kitchen, the cabinets are one of the first surfaces you take note of. And whenever you are using the kitchen, the cabinets are one of the areas you interact with the most. That all goes to show just how important it is to have beautiful and functional cabinets. So don’t skip the kitchen cabinets during your remodel. As we have shown you above, there are many options to toy over. And some of them are quite budget-friendly.

Reach out to us at Creative and Build San Diego and we can help you design a kitchen that will put a smile on your face for a long time to come.

Remodeling your Bathroom in San Diego, CA

Your bathroom is one place in your home that you should never let deteriorate. Because it is a place where one goes to clean up or freshen up, the bathroom area should always look clean and tidy. But after some use over a couple of years, any bathroom will need some work. And that is where we come in as Creative Design and Build Inc.

We are one of the best bathroom remodeling San Diego CA companies. And we can help you transform any shabby or worn master/kids’/guest bathroom just like that.

Let’s talk about what this involves in terms of costs, timelines, value, and more.

Do you need a bathroom remodel?

Most bathroom remodels are driven by these 4 factors. Which of the following four reasons would you say is behind your quest to remodel your San Diego bathroom?

  • Change the style of a bathroom

You might want to change the style of a bathroom if you’ve outgrown it, or if you just moved into a new apartment/house. It’s important to give such a personal space your own feel and style.

  • Add more features to a bathroom

As your needs and preferences change/evolve, it is important to update your bathroom by adding what you need and taking away what you don’t. For example, you might want a bigger tub or “his & hers” double vanities instead of just one.

  • Refresh an old bathroom

If you have not made any updates to your bathroom over time it is important to do so when you are able. Doing so will improve the value of your house. But more importantly, it will increase the quality of life you’re enjoying at home.

  • Add more space to a bathroom

Most homeowners would love to have a bigger bathroom any day. With a bigger bathroom you can have a bigger shower area, a bigger tub (or just a tub), a bigger vanity where you can get ready in style, and more wiggle room in general.

New bathroom remodel

The most important aspects of a bathroom remodel

In what order should I remodel my bathroom? It’s good to know which needs on a bathroom remodel take priority over others. That way you can create a budget that ensures the most important works are done regardless of what happens.

Some of the key areas of a bathroom remodel include:

  • Plumbing works

This includes checking piping connections, boosting water flow, upgrading water heating equipment, looking for leaks, dealing with mold, etc.

  • Tiling

New tiling improves the look of a bathroom and also waterproofs the walls and surfaces to prevent rot or mold underneath.

  • Vanities

A new vanity set is a great way to refresh an old bathroom after having used it for many years. You could get a newer unit with more storage space, a different design, and with newer sinks and faucets.

  • Lighting

Good lighting is critical during your bathroom remodeling San Diego, CA. This could involve painting the walls brighter, installing lighter tiles, putting in a larger window, and of course putting in different lighting fixtures.

  • Aeration

Does your bathroom get stuffy or humid after a shower? Good aeration keeps the bathroom feeling fresh and prevents moisture problems brought about by condensation. This can be dealt with via vents, window fans, air conditioning, and windows.

How much does it cost to remodel a bathroom in San Diego?

It is important that you understand what costs you’re facing as you plan for your bathroom remodeling San Diego CA project. That way you can save up and carry out a remodel that counts and ticks all the areas you need worked on.

How much does the average bathroom remodel cost in California?

On average, a bathroom remodel in San Diego will go for about $10,000 to $20,000. Depending what you need done, your quote could come lower or higher than this. Make sure to also have a contingency for unforeseen costs such as mold and rot repair.

What is the most expensive part of a bathroom remodel?

The big ticket items in a bathroom remodel include labor costs, structural changes, and installation of new fixtures such as tubs, shower enclosures, and vanities.

Looking for a San Diego bathroom contractor?

You want a bathroom contractor that is professional, knowledgeable, experienced, licensed, insured, & bonded. That way, you know you’re dealing with a legitimate and serious professional that will get the job done.

How do I find a contractor to remodel my bathroom?

You can always search for a bathroom contractor online. If you’re in SD, you can look up “bathroom contractor near me” for Google recommendations. You can also look up review sites and check out some of the companies with the best ratings. But even as you search online, remember it’s not a fool-proof process. Outside the internet you can try asking for recommendations from friends, family, and co-workers.

Talk to a few bathroom remodeling San Diego CA companies. Ask for estimates after a physical evaluation of the work to be done. Then choose the bathroom contractor that you are confident will give you the results you want.

Plan your bathroom remodel like a pro

How do you plan a bathroom renovation? If you’re starting from scratch, here’s a rough plan to get you started:

  • Assess your bathroom remodel needs

Come up with a list of which areas of your bathroom you need worked on the most. Place preference on utility over aesthetics.

  • Figure out how much you can put into your budget

As we said earlier, a bathroom remodel in San Diego will cost you between 10K and 20K on average, more if you need to install big fixtures. See how much you can put aside for this project.

  • Compare bathroom remodel contractors

Look for San Diego bathroom contractors, collect quotes, discuss the work to be done, and see what your budget can get you. When you choose a contractor, set a commencement date and get a contract drawn up.

  • Plan how to cope with the remodel as it takes place

How long does a bathroom renovation take? Discuss this with your contractor. It could take anywhere between 5 -14 days on average. Plan which alternative bathroom to use during this time if you can’t use the bathroom in question.


Are you ready for your bathroom remodeling San Diego CA? At Creative Design & Build we are highly experienced in all types of bathroom renovations. And we are based in San Diego. Whether you need repairs done, a complete makeover, or particular upgrades, we can give you what you need.  

6 Areas Of A Kitchen That Add The Most Resale Value

What adds the most value to a kitchen? How do I update my kitchen for resale? What renovations are worth doing? Is it worth it to update kitchen before selling? These are probably some of the questions you have swirling in your head if you are contemplating selling or renovating your kitchen. Kitchen remodeling does have quite an impact on a home’s resale value and speed. Read on to see the areas that have the most impact.

Open floor plans

An open floor plan kitchen is a top priority if you want to boost resale price and prospects. New buyers today want a free-flowing living area that extends to the kitchen and dining areas. Walls in between these spaces are viewed as obstructive and unnecessary. Not only do open floor plan kitchens appear roomier, they are also brighter and more inviting.

Kitchen islands and counter space

Counter space is critical in a kitchen. The more counter space there is - the easier it becomes to work around the kitchen. More counter space also reduces chances of cluttering the room with cutlery and appliances thus providing a clean modern look. If you can, get a kitchen island, a peninsula, or a U-shaped kitchen layout for maximum counter space.

new kitchen in San Diego County

Kitchen cabinets

Kitchen cabinets are very pronounced and are often the first fixtures to catch the eye of a prospective buyer. They are also highly functional in a kitchen so they need to provide great utility value. Remodeling kitchen cabinets is therefore worth the investment. Does painting cabinets devalue home? If the cabinets are not old or worn and have a good design then go ahead and paint. If replacing, however, go for a modern glossy look. Soft closing cabinet doors or push-to-open cabinets get you extra points.


Does your kitchen have a pantry? If it does then you can appreciate the need to have one. A good pantry can help sway buyers into preferring your kitchen over another. And the reasons are obvious. If you can, create a good pantry space that holds quite a bit. A walk-in kitchen pantry is a great bonus, necessary even, for a family-sized home.

Updated walls and flooring

When it comes to aesthetics, a fresh modern look will get you better attention when reselling. Dull walls and tiles are a no-no. What is the best kitchen color for resale? Go for bright colors such as white or shades of white. Bright walls make the kitchen look cleaner and larger. The same goes for tiles.

Modern appliances

Should I upgrade appliances before I sell? It might be worth considering if your appliances are out of fashion. Real estate agents always emphasize new appliances because buyers love new things in their new house which they can start their new chapter with. New buyers want tools and appliances that feel like their own. Older appliances will only remind them that the space is old too. 

We are kitchen remodeling San Diego, CA experts. We remodel kitchens in San Diego county for homeowners, tenants or even property developers. Call us today and let us help you boost the resale value of your home.

4 Areas Of Your San Diego Kitchen That Are Likely To Fall Apart If Not Well Maintained

If you have ever seen a dilapidated property or even viewed a show about restoring houses then you know that without the right care and maintenance, any given property can fall apart with time. And that includes your house as well. Today we shall be looking into kitchens and letting you know what areas are most likely to succumb to disrepair if left un-serviced for too long. Check them out below:

The sink and its drain system

Every day the kitchen sink gets it’s fair share of use in the kitchen. It is in the sink that people wash their hands, wash fruits and vegetables, wash dishes, or even rinse a spoon before mealtime. All that handling means that faucets can wear off or get loose over time. The sink drain system can also get bogged down by dirt as the months go by. Watch out for clogged drains and make sure to empty and service the grease traps regularly. As for the faucets and drain pipes, watch out for leaks and have a plumber take a look at them at least once annually.

a new remodeled kitchen

Kitchen cabinets and drawers

The other part of the kitchen that can wear off quickly without the right care is the cabinets and drawers. These get used on a daily basis, just like the sink. Some of the issues you might start to see a year down the line include loose handles, broken handles, loose hinges, broken cabinet doors, and stained drawers or cabinets. Gentle care of kitchen cabinets and drawer is needed for longevity. And if they get too damaged, consider replacing the doors. If it’s the handles that are damaged, these can be easily replaced even without the help of a handyman.

The backsplash

Another common area that often sees neglect during our kitchen remodeling Ramona callouts is the backsplash. Unfortunately, lots of backsplashes do not get the necessary cleaning they need. As a result, they quickly accumulate dirt, grease, and food stains over time. They are also prone to scratches and cracks due to the flurry of activities on the cooking stoves. Cracked or broken backsplashes also allow moisture to get through and possibly cause rot or mold behind them. To avoid all this, make sure that your backsplash gets a thorough cleaning each week. And if broken or cracked, seek repair or replacement as soon as possible.

The flooring

Of course, the flooring cannot go unmentioned. All that foot traffic around the kitchen causes quite the wear on your floors. You’ll especially notice the brunt of it just in front of the sink, in front of the fridge, and in front of the countertop area you mostly use when prepping your food. As with any fixture in your home, maintenance is cheaper than replacement. So try to keep your kitchen wood floors waxed, place rugs on areas that are prone to water splashes, and clean food stains as soon as you notice them.

Creative Design & Build is a kitchen and bathroom remodeling Ramona, CA firm that you can count on for spectacular results. If your kitchen or bathroom in SD needs a facelift or a total makeover, don’t take any chances and call us right away for specialist-level work.

Why Visiting A Showroom Is Critical When Choosing Your Next Kitchen Remodel Contractor

Remodeling your kitchen is an exciting undertaking.You have all these wonderful ideas and concepts flashing through your eyes and you can’t wait to get it all done. If executed well, a kitchen remodel can add convenience, class, and value to your home. To make sure that your kitchen remodel goes well so that you can enjoy all these things we advise that you pop into a showroom when choosing your kitchen remodel contractor. And here’s why:

kitchen remodeling Agra, San Diego County, California

See their expertise and skills firsthand

A showroom allows you to experience firsthandwhat your kitchen remodeling contractor can do for you. It takes a lot of guesswork out of the equation and saves you a lot of time. Instead of looking at pictures online, on a catalogue, or in an email you get to see the real thing – in person. One minute into a showroom and you can already tell if the designer fits your style or not. You will clearly see what their design strengths are and what architectural styles they lean towards. You may not even need to ask about their past work or request referrals of past clients. Everything you need to see is right in front of you. And this helps save you from choosing the wrong contractor for the job.

Discuss designs and trends one on one

Another great perk of visiting a showroom is that you get to discuss your remodel needs in a space where you can clearly explain what you want. You can point at various types of lighting, compare different types of countertops, go over various tile designs, and basically explore almost all design ideas within a practical setting. Even if you previously had no idea of what you wanted, the showroom will allow you to practically put together a vision of what design elements you’d like in your dream kitchen. This will allow you to explain your vision to the kitchen contractor, and vice versa. Communication on what you want and what they will/can do is therefore very clear and very easy as well. And that greatly helps to prevent mistakes within the entire process.

Experiment to see what works and what doesn’t

Within a kitchen design showroom you and your contractor have the ability to do a little experimenting as you try to put together the vision for your dream kitchen. It’s the perfect space for you to see what within your vision will work and what will need to be changed. From countertops to appliances, and even wall paint, a showroom will enable you to see which design ideas are good and which ones you need to rethink. And the same works for the remodel contractor. All this helps to ensure that you get better results in the end.

If you are on the hunt for a kitchen remodeling Carlsbad contractor we are just what your kitchen and home needs. Get in touch and we can set up a meet at our showroom to discuss how to bring your dream kitchen to reality.

Remodeling Practices to Secure A Higher Home-Sale Price

Most home owners plan a home remodel for either of these reasons; to improve the functionality and quality of living or, in order to sell the house in the near future. The two differ in terms of feasibility. For instance, spending $65,000 on a kitchen remodel to serve you for the next two decades sounds reasonable. However, spending such an amount on your kitchen only to sell it after 8 months is a financial mis-step as the kitchen is less likely to add such a sale price to the home. Follow these remodeling practices to secure a higher sale price for your home.

Think Cost versus Value

The rule of thumb is, never spend more on a remodel than you can recoup. Before deciding on any remodeling, have your home valued by a qualified home inspector. With the figure in mind, hire a professional contractor to guide you on the cost of remodeling. A kitchen remodeling San Diego contractor can advise you on whether your kitchen needs surface remodeling or full-scale remodeling to fetch a higher sale price.

Where you can, refurbish

Remodeling is expensive. With regards to selling the house, it is better to refurbish certain rooms rather than incur the expenses of a full-scale remodeling. For instance, you can forego replacing the hardwood in your kitchen and instead, refurbish it by sanding. Also, replacing a window sash is a more viable option compared to buying entirely new windows.

Prioritize kitchens and bathrooms

According to realtors, the kitchen and bathroom of any home makes or breaks the sale. Families spend quite a lot of time in these particular rooms, making them more likely to require repairs. Additionally, when home owners buy a house, they instinctively calculate the staggering costs of remodeling the kitchen or bathroom before they can move in. Hire a bathroom remodeling San Diego company to perform a full feasibility of the state of your bathroom including any plumbing works/repairs.

Focus on countertops

The countertops on your kitchen or bathroom make up to 40% of the room’s appeal. Should you have weathered laminate countertops, replace them with ceramic, quartz or natural stone. They not only improve the optics of the room, but also reflect longevity.

Upgrade the fixtures and hardware

Any new home buyer will play around with the cabinets, dressers and other hardware to get a feel of their quality. Additionally, fixtures and hardware are among the top items that any savvy home buyer would want to remodel. Installing new fixtures and hardware will restore confidence in any home buyer.

Never forget to paint

Paint on the walls fade over time. Carefully-blended contemporary hues will transform any aged structure into a desirable home. When painting, use bright colors in space-challenged rooms as they improve ambient lighting and make the room look bigger. Also, do mind the deep shades as they tend to make a room darker in appearance.

Appearance over function

When remodeling to improve the quality of living, function usually takes the front seat. However, for resale purposes, appearance works far better than function. A home buyer will offer more if they like what they see, way before they can test the functionality of items such as a water heater.