Escondido Bathroom Remodel: Stunning Results with Creative Design & Build Inc.


When Randy W. of Escondido, CA needed a bathroom remodel, he knew he could count on the experts at Creative Design & Build Inc. With over 15 years of industry-leading design experience, we are the go-to home remodeling contractor for bathroom and kitchen remodeling in San Diego County.

Randy's project was a complete overhaul of his existing bathroom, including a new shower, vanity, countertops and sinks. We worked closely with him to design a Concealed Shower that would perfectly fit his needs and style. Our team of skilled builders then went to work constructing a custom shower out of tile.

The results were stunning - Randy was thrilled with his new bathroom and praised our team for their exceptional work. If you're in need of a bathroom remodel, be sure to call on the experts at Creative Design & Build Inc. We'll deliver a bathroom you'll love - on time and on budget.


Bathroom Remodel Escondido CA

Bathroom Remodel Escondido CA


Escondido, CA, USA
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