Master Bathroom Remodel Carlsbad CA


 Megan K. had recently moved into her new home and was looking for a bathroom renovation company to help her with the project. She was looking for someone who could provide more than just a bathroom remodel, but also a design consultation.

Creative Design & Build Inc. specializes in both design and construction of residential remodels, so we were the perfect choice to help Megan K. with her project. Our team met with Megan K. to discuss her needs and what she wanted out of the project. We then designed a bathroom that would meet her needs and fit her budget.

The project began with Creative Design & Build Inc. removing the old bathroom vanity and replacing it with a new vanity cabinet made from solid plywood. The old shower stall was replaced with a custom shower with tile walls and marble flooring. The sink, toilet, and bathtub were all replaced as well as the flooring, countertops, and lighting fixtures.

Megan K. was thrilled with the results of the project and said that she would recommend Creative Design & Build Inc. to anyone who is looking for a remodeling company in San Diego


Master Bathroom Remodel Carlsbad CA


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