Shower Remodel downtown San Diego


Downtown San Diego Bathroom Remodel

Andy L. needed a bathroom remodel in his Downtown San Diego apartment. He had seen our work on the website and was impressed with the quality of our work. We met with Andy to learn about his needs and goals for the project. He wanted a bathroom that would make him feel relaxed and refreshed.

We removed the old shower, toilet, vanity, cabinets, countertops, sinks, and flooring. We replaced them with new ones that were more in line with Andy's desires. We also replaced the flooring with porcelain tile. The biggest challenge we faced was the size of the shower. It was too small for a custom shower so we had to find an alternative solution. We ended up installing a custom built vanity cabinet in place of a shower. This allowed us to have a spacious shower while still being able to keep the original look of the bathroom.

The result was a beautiful bathroom that Andy is very happy with.


Downtown San Diego Bathroom Remodel

Downtown San Diego Bathroom Remodel high raiding building


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