Tips On How To Make A Small Kitchen Appear Bigger

Not every house is lucky enough to have a sprawling kitchen with lots of space and lots of storage. Small housing units can only manage tiny kitchens on their floor space. And these often sport galley or Pullman kitchen layouts. Whatever the case, if you have a small kitchen you might be asking yourself how to make it look bigger. Well, here are a few tips on how to do just that.

Tips On How To Make A Small Kitchen Appear Bigger

Install smaller appliances

Large appliances are not the best fit for small kitchens. They take up too much space and actually make the room appear smaller than it is due to the effects proportionality. So instead of using the same size fridge, cookers, and dishwashers that you’d use in a large kitchen, go for smaller appliances. They cost less and they will fit in your small kitchen better. This single trick alone can free up as much as 40% of your kitchen space.

Avoid overhead storage cabinets

Almost every kitchen today has overhead storage cabinets. That is where most people store extra cutlery, canned food, and various kitchen accessories. Functionality aside, overhead storage does not work well for small kitchens in terms of space. They take up valuable space and box the room in making it appear much smaller than it is. If you get rid of this overheard storage, you get to free up about a foot and a half of space all along the walls. If yours is a galley kitchen that amounts to about 3 feet of overhead space all around. That is a lot of space for a small kitchen and freeing it up can make a huge difference.

Declutter and adopt a minimalist look

Small spaces, especially kitchens, do not have the luxury of clutter. Larger homes and larger kitchens can manage to accommodate clutter because there’s lots of space to stash it in. But in smaller spaces, the clutter edges in on valuable limited space. And that is not practical or sustainable. So declutter and only store food supplies to last you a week. Keep your workspace clean and clear and maintain a minimalist design where you only stock the basics. This will have a tremendous effect on your kitchen by psychologically giving off the impression of space.

Let in lots of light

You can also make your tiny kitchen look bigger than it is by adding more light to it. Darker spaces tend to look smaller than they are. And that could be because dark areas are not very visible and therefore they appear not to exist. Let in more light into your small kitchen by fitting bigger windows where possible. You can also give your kitchen an open layout to let in more light from the living room area. And thirdly, you can install better lighting. Four, you can brighten your walls to help retain and reflect light better.

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