Need Space For A Rental Unit On Your San Diego Property? Check Out These Ideas

The real estate market in San Diego has been on the rise in recent times. While this may mean higher buying prices, it also means more demand and lucrative rental prices for those already owning a piece of property in this section of Southern California. With the help of a company such as Creative Design & Build, you can easily turn some of your space into a fully functioning rental unit and start earning some decent passive income. Interested?

Below, see some of our ideas on some of the areas you can convert into a rental unit in your home.

  1. Garage ADU

kitchen contractor near meGot a garage that you no longer actively use? This could be a perfect rental space if it is big enough, e.g. a double garage space. This space is already connected to the main house and is insulated. All that is needed is an ADU (accessory dwelling unit) remodel to get this space ready and habitable. It could act as a bedroom or small studio for a single adult. And they can have their own independent entrance door so you still get to enjoy your privacy.

  1. Basement remodel

Have a basement that you have no idea what to do with? Not everyone has their basement functioning as a man cave, home theatre or children’s play room. Quite a lot of basements are empty and neglected. With a bit of investment these large spaces can be turned into guest wings that can then be rented out. Most often have a bathroom so a kitchen is then added via a kitchen remodeling San Diego installation. After working on the flooring, lighting, walls, and adding furniture, the space is usually good to go.

  1. Pool house installation/remodel

If you have a pool house on your San Diego home that too can easily be flipped into an awesome rental unit. It can even work as a short term rental unit that you could list online for visiting tourists. A pool house is likely to fetch very good rental rates if done well because it has the potential to carry that leisurely high-end look and feel. If you don’t have a pool house but have adequate outdoor space and a pool, we could install one for you. And when you’re not renting it out you could use it as a guest wing or as an actual pool house.

  1. Room addition/ house extension

If your outdoor space is not that abundant, a good alternative is a room addition process. This is where we add a new room somewhere adjacent to your existing house. We can even add a new living suite complete with a kitchenette and a bathroom thanks to our bathroom remodeling San Diego experts. We often do this for families who have outgrown their house. But the same also works very well for shrewd homeowners who don’t mind becoming landlords as well.


Feeling like a landlord yet? For any of the above projects Creative Design & Build can handle the entire project management including application for permits, drawing up designs, and even installing furniture.

5 Growing Kitchen Trends To Look Out For In 2020

2020 is around the corner. And if you’re planning to take on a kitchen remodeling San Diego project next year, you must be wondering what trends will be hot then and after. Without a doubt, some design trends are slated to dominate the kitchen scene in the next decade. Some may be fresh off the boat and others may be older styles getting back in vogue. Check them out below and see if there’s any that gets you excited.

  1. Colors and more colors

2019 and the years before it has seen the varieties of colors used in kitchens reduce significantly. Minimalist and contemporary designs have led to kitchens with two or just three colors. In 2020 expect to see colors roaring back into the kitchens. We’re talking bright colors everywhere from the floors to the walls and furniture. Bright colors such as yellow, orange and blue are expected to be the top favorites. Kitchens will also feature bright décor pieces such as artwork in form of wall hangings and centerpieces.


  1. Open space kitchens

Open plan kitchens are already a thing. A lot of kitchen remodels today entail knocking down walls to create a direct line of sight from the kitchen to the living or dining room. In 2020 open plan kitchens will get even bigger. Designers and home owners will push the envelope on just how open kitchens can be. There’s going to be hardly any line separating the kitchens from the living rooms. Expect to see concepts that merger both areas into one warm, functional, and busy space.


  1. Handleless storage spaces

Who needs kitchen handles in the next decade? Kitchen cabinets and drawers will not be left behind in 2020. In an effort to get cleaner designs with even more modern touches, storage handles are likely to get the cold shoulder. Expect to see more cabinet designs that feature the more modern push-to-open technology. This trend will provide better design flow not only visually, but also functionally.


  1. Wood

Wood, too, has been making a slow comeback to the kitchen scene in recent years. In 2020 wood will get even bigger and most kitchens will feature it in varying degrees. Expect to see more rustic themes or ambitious designs that blend wood with modern materials such as concrete or marble. Designers will push for more wood on countertops, vaulted ceilings, flooring, kitchen islands, and assorted kitchen furniture.


  1. Black is the new white

Even as color makes a comeback in 2020, black will also enjoy more uptake in the market. Homeowners have been warming up to it in recent years and this momentum is not going to slow down. In any case, designers are likely to find a balance between applying black and shades of other bright colors. Expect to see more black on floors, walls, ceilings, countertops, cabinets, kitchen furniture, and kitchen fittings.


What trends are you looking forward to in 2020 as far as kitchen and bathroom remodeling San Diego is concerned?


Tips On How To Make A Small Kitchen Appear Bigger

Not every house is lucky enough to have a sprawling kitchen with lots of space and lots of storage. Small housing units can only manage tiny kitchens on their floor space. And these often sport galley or Pullman kitchen layouts. Whatever the case, if you have a small kitchen you might be asking yourself how to make it look bigger. Well, here are a few tips on how to do just that.

Tips On How To Make A Small Kitchen Appear Bigger

Install smaller appliances

Large appliances are not the best fit for small kitchens. They take up too much space and actually make the room appear smaller than it is due to the effects proportionality. So instead of using the same size fridge, cookers, and dishwashers that you’d use in a large kitchen, go for smaller appliances. They cost less and they will fit in your small kitchen better. This single trick alone can free up as much as 40% of your kitchen space.

Avoid overhead storage cabinets

Almost every kitchen today has overhead storage cabinets. That is where most people store extra cutlery, canned food, and various kitchen accessories. Functionality aside, overhead storage does not work well for small kitchens in terms of space. They take up valuable space and box the room in making it appear much smaller than it is. If you get rid of this overheard storage, you get to free up about a foot and a half of space all along the walls. If yours is a galley kitchen that amounts to about 3 feet of overhead space all around. That is a lot of space for a small kitchen and freeing it up can make a huge difference.

Declutter and adopt a minimalist look

Small spaces, especially kitchens, do not have the luxury of clutter. Larger homes and larger kitchens can manage to accommodate clutter because there’s lots of space to stash it in. But in smaller spaces, the clutter edges in on valuable limited space. And that is not practical or sustainable. So declutter and only store food supplies to last you a week. Keep your workspace clean and clear and maintain a minimalist design where you only stock the basics. This will have a tremendous effect on your kitchen by psychologically giving off the impression of space.

Let in lots of light

You can also make your tiny kitchen look bigger than it is by adding more light to it. Darker spaces tend to look smaller than they are. And that could be because dark areas are not very visible and therefore they appear not to exist. Let in more light into your small kitchen by fitting bigger windows where possible. You can also give your kitchen an open layout to let in more light from the living room area. And thirdly, you can install better lighting. Four, you can brighten your walls to help retain and reflect light better.

If you are in need of kitchen remodeling Carlsbad contractors, you have come to the right place. Creative Design & Build has the expertise and experience to transform your kitchen space no matter what size it is. Book your remodel today and enjoy 15% OFF!

5 Signs That Your Kitchen Needs A Remodel

The kitchen is easily the most renovated space in any part of any house. This is largely due to the fact that the kitchen experiences the most hours of tear and wear in any given household. By a rough estimate, most domestic kitchens will need some sort of renovation every five years. And that should beg the question – when was the last time your kitchen got a remodel? Below, see how you can tell whether it’s time to give your kitchen a facelift.

1. Outdated paint or wallpaper

The walls of a kitchen will betray the age and neglect that it has endured over the years. If your kitchen has peeling paint, stained wallpaper, or smoke-covered ceilings, that’s an indicator that the space could do with a fresh coat of paint and some new vibrant colors to brighten up the place again. Luckily, these are easy areas to cover. It can take as little as a day to repaint the walls; and it doesn’t cost as much.

2. Squeaky and leaking faucets

Plumbing is the key infrastructure of any given kitchen. If your kitchen has squeaky faucets or leaky pipes then that’s a clear indicator that your plumbing system needs a critical look. You may need to install new faucets and have the drain pipes reworked as well. This will help ward off leaks and burst/blocked drain pipes that could damage the walls, cause rot, and eventually stall your kitchen operations, albeit temporarily (but not without costing you some good money, of course).

3. Not enough floor space

With time, kitchens are becoming bigger and bigger. While kitchens in the past just needed to be nooks where food could be cooked and prepared in, today’s kitchens have taken over other mandates such as entertaining guests and even sharing meals. Plus, modern kitchens have to hold a lot, from appliances to pantries. So if your kitchen is starting to feel a little small, chances are that it is. And with a remodel you just may be able to increase the floor space and create a larger space.

4. Poor layout

Poor layout in a kitchen will greatly hinder its functionality. The various spaces in the kitchen need to flow seamlessly in order to allow maximum output when preparing meals, cooking, serving meals, or when cleaning up. If your kitchen’s layout is inhibiting this flow then perhaps you need a remodel to reorganize it. You could move different things about and create a new layout that puts everything where it needs to be.

5. Outdated electronics

Another way to tell if your kitchen needs to be guided into the modern era is outdated electronics. No one is saying that a kitchen has to have all the bells and whistles. But it wouldn’t hurt either if you can afford it. Besides, outdated electronics will need to be replaced eventually. If you invest in modern electronics you’ll improve the efficiency of your kitchen, increase the value of your home, and probably save more on electricity because newer electronics are likely to be more eco-friendly.

Need kitchen remodeling San Diego experts? Look no further. Creative Design & Build can reimagine your kitchen and add modern, elegant touches to it.