How To Find The Right San Marcos Kitchen Remodeler During Coronavirus Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has definitely added a twist to how we all do things. And that applies to how you remodel. Or more accurately, who you hire to remodel your San Marcos property. It is no longer business as usual. You want a kitchen remodeling San Marcos contractor that understands the prevailing situation and one who is taking measures to keep themselves and their clients safe. Does your San Marcos contractor make the cut? Read on to find out.

How many people do they have on their team?

While hiring a contractor with a large team was previously considered more effective, this no longer applies. The more people you have around your property the higher the chances of spreading the Covid-19 virus and causing serious damage to your social life and health; not to mention that of your family. So what’s the solution you ask? Work with a small but effective team such as Creative Design and Build. This is the way to go now. Our builders are highly experienced and can work diligently even as a small team.

How fast can they work?

You definitely do not want your kitchen remodeling team in San Marcos to linger around your home longer than necessary. The faster they can get out of your space the sooner you can get back to maintaining better social distancing and the safer you will be. So ask your contractor to give you realistic timelines of how long the project will take. Of course, this does not mean that it is okay to rush the work in order to complete the project faster. Quality should never be compromised. So in order to get quality and better timelines, hire better contractors with established track records such as the one we have here at Creative Design & Build.

Are they locally based in San Marcos?

A local kitchen or bathroom contractor is preferable at this time. It means that they won’t have to travel longer and expose themselves to areas or people who may be infected with the coronavirus. It makes sense, doesn’t it? A local remodeling contractor based in Southern California will also be better placed to come to your San Marcos site early and leave later, thereby allowing them to clock more hours and complete the job sooner.

Are they using protective gear to stop the spread of the virus?

And of course, at this time you should only hire people who are conscious of the health situation and are making active steps to keep their clients safe and at ease. At Creative Design & Build, for example:

  • We are regularly testing our staff members
  • We are constantly updating ourselves about emerging news and reports about the pandemic.
  • We are also helping prevent the spread of the virus by wearing protective gear at all times.

We have carried out some amazing kitchen transformations in San Marcos. Whatever design style you are going for, or despite whatever special needs your space needs, we can accommodate you 100 percent. Even with the coronavirus in full force, we can work around it to give you your dream kitchen or bathroom. Request a free quote or call us for a consult.