How To Remodel Your San Diego Bathroom Or Kitchen And Stay Safe During The Coronavirus Pandemic

Tired of your boring kitchen or worn bathroom? Despite how much of a damper and how much worry coronavirus has put on your plans, we understand that you may still want to carry out your remodel in San Diego. And you can still get it done. However, that brings with it quite some risk considering you may be required to move about and interact with more people than you usually would. But luckily for you, we have great ideas on how you can manage your kitchen or bathroom remodeling San Diego without putting yourself in grave risk. Read on to find out more.

Seek quotes and consultations online

Want to go out knocking on office doors looking to talk to kitchen and bathroom designers or seek quotes? That exposes you to too much risk as you travel and walk about the streets. You can get the same (if not more) done by simply going the online way. Just hop onto your PC and do it all online. At Creative Build & Design we offer quick and free estimates via our easy to fill forms on our websites. You can also call us and get a free quote over the phone. And once you consider using us for your kitchen remodeling San Diego, we can schedule online consults via video chat where you can talk to our builders and designers and get all your questions answered. And you can do all this safely from the comfort of your living room.

Get a San Diego contractor that will source supplies for you

It is not safe for you to go into crowded big-box stores and hardware stores to purchase building supplies. You can limit that exposure by working with a San Diego contractor such as Creative Design & Build who will go out and procure your bathroom and kitchen supplies for you. This includes:

  • Countertops and faucets
  • Lights and lighting features
  • Flooring materials
  • Mirrors and vanities
  • Bar stools for your kitchen island
  • Paint and wallpaper

Seek secondary accommodation during the remodel if possible

If the remodel at your property will take a few days, you can cleverly limit the exposure to other people by temporarily relocating your family to a secondary dwelling space. You could put up at a hotel. Or maybe you prefer a short term rental space on Airbnb? This will shield you from coming into contact with all the people who will be coming to your site daily. Nevertheless, we will endeavor to work fast so that you can have your new space all to yourself as soon as possible.

Decontaminate your San Diego space after the remodel just to be safe

Last, but not in any way the least, another serious measure you could (and should) take at this time is to decontaminate your newly-remodeled space to limit chances of coronavirus cross-infection. This will give you utmost peace of mind as you enjoy your new swanky kitchen or bathroom. Although all our staff at Creative Design & Build will be wearing protective gear and sanitizing frequently, there is always a risk that there is Covid-19 particulate matter in the air or on your surfaces. Hire a 3rd party cleaning service to do it for you. Or maybe you want to decontaminate your house by yourself?

5 Kitchen Remodeling Trends: 2020 Edition

A lot of homeowners are thinking of doing kitchen remodeling in San Diego. If you choose to take on such a task you'll soon realize that it can be very difficult to make a decision when it comes to how you should remodel your kitchen. We're here to give you the details on current trends that are getting all the attention this year in kitchen showrooms and homes across San Diego!

1. Open Kitchen and Living Area

 Some ideas for this decor style include oversized islands that are large enough to accommodate 10 or more people for meals. This boosts functionality and reduces clutter between the two areas. You can also opt to deck out the kitchen with lavish features/appliances such as double door ovens and refrigerators. Lighting usually differentiates the space designated for the kitchen and that of the living room, but the color of the walls or even the kitchen appliances themselves matches between the two and makes everything cohesive. Kitchen remodeling with this decor has been seen many times in the San Diego area.

2. Stone Age

 Marble countertops provide a look of luxury and elegance to any home kitchen. What's great about this decor is that you can match it with other elements that will great a modern and sleek look, or make it look palatial. For example, metal finishes, particularly gold for your sink and other appliances can provide a very regal look to your kitchen. You can incorporate a simple polished wood such as Oak, for the cabinets which will add a more modern look. You can even opt for handmade tiling for the walls if you'd like to create a more textured look.

3. Dark & Dramatic

 You may not necessarily see a lot of kitchen remodeling in San Diego that has done the all black decor, but dare to be bold!  Black walls and black cabinetry with white or grey countertops add a dramatic look to your kitchen. What pairs really well with this decor is wood flooring because it gives a really rustic look. You can really achieve a luxurious look if you add glass tiles to your kitchen or a mosaic art piece to the walls. Be sure before you choose a dark design that you pick paint color schemes that will work well at different times of the day. If you go with a high gloss finish it will help "bounce" light around the room, this is great for small spaces!

4. Double Island Kitchen

 This kitchen trend is very popular but is reserved for large kitchens. This remodeling option can be purely aesthetic or it can be functional. If you use your kitchen frequently, then you can have one island for hosting and entertaining and the other can have a built in sink and/or dishwasher. If you like things to be symmetrical then the two islands can be the same size and crafted with the same materials; or, if you'd like to explore your creativity you can have a smaller island that's used as extra workspace and a bigger island for food preparation or hosting dinner parties. Due to the popularity of the area, many kitchen remodelings in San Diego feature a double island design.

5. Wood on Wood

 This is an excellent decor option for those who love a rustic look. An all wood kitchen features wooden appliances as well as wooden cabinetry. You can even take this to the next level with stone walls if you really want to give that mountain home feel throughout your kitchen. Light colored flooring can help make the appliances stand out or you can go with a darker color depending on the color of the wood. Most people go for neutral tones that match well with any other paint colors throughout the home.