Scrips Ranch Bathroom Remodel


Scripps Ranch bathroom Bathroom Remodel

A Masterful Transformation: Scripps Ranch Bathroom Remodel Success Story We at Creative Design & Build, Inc. are thrilled to share with you an exceptional success story of a bathroom remodel project we completed in the beautiful neighborhood of Scripps Ranch in San Diego. This project not only challenged our creativity but also gave us an opportunity to demonstrate our commitment to quality workmanship and customer satisfaction. The Challenge Our client, Becky H., had a large master bathroom that needed a complete overhaul. The existing layout was outdated and didn't utilize the available space efficiently. The bath, shower, countertops, vanity, and flooring all required a fresh and modern update. Why Us? Becky chose us for our reputation as leading home remodeling contractors in San Diego County. With over 15 years of industry experience and countless successful projects under our belt, she trusted us to transform her bathroom into a luxurious sanctuary. The Journey The project was set to last about a month. We began by understanding Becky's vision for her new bathroom and developing a custom design plan that would bring it to life. Our team worked closely with Becky throughout the process, ensuring that every detail was tailored to her taste and lifestyle. First, we redesigned the floorplan to create a more spacious and functional bathroom. Our team proposed a Large Master Bathroom Plan that would accommodate a freestanding tub and a custom-built shower. We then updated the bath with a stylish freestanding tub, giving the space a touch of elegance and luxury. The shower was custom-built, featuring a tub/shower combo with a hinged door for easy access. We used high-quality tile materials to create an inviting and durable shower space. The countertops and vanity were also replaced with modern designs that complemented the overall aesthetic of the bathroom. Finally, we installed new flooring to complete the transformation. The Outcome Upon completion, the bathroom was unrecognizable. It had transformed into a luxurious oasis that Becky could not have been more pleased with. She particularly loved the custom-built shower and freestanding tub, which added an element of luxury to her daily routine. Why Becky Recommends Us Becky highly recommends our services for our excellent customer service and attention to detail. She appreciated our dedication to bringing her vision to life and our commitment to delivering high-quality work within the agreed timeline. Her positive experience has led her to refer us to her friends and family in San Diego. A Testament to Our Expertise This Scripps Ranch bathroom remodel project is just one example of the quality work we deliver at Creative Design & Build, Inc. We are proud of what we accomplished with this project and look forward to transforming many more homes in San Diego County. If you're considering a home remodel project in San Diego, trust us at Creative Design & Build, Inc. to exceed your expectations. Call us today at +1 855-445-9455 or visit our website at to learn more about our services.


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