Master Bathroom Remodel in Escondido CA


When our client, Matt, contacted us about remodeling his master bathroom, we were excited to get started. This project presented a few unique challenges, but we were confident that we could handle them and deliver a beautiful finished product that would exceed Matt's expectations.

The bathroom was located in Escondido, California - a beautiful city in the foothills of the mountains. The main issues with the bathroom were that it was very small and cramped, with little storage or counter space. The shower was also very small and uncomfortable.

We began by removing the old shower, toilet, and vanity. We then redesigned the floorplan to make the bathroom bigger and more functional. We installed a new large shower with a body spray system, as well as a new vanity cabinet with plenty of storage space. We also replaced the old flooring with a new tile floor and upgraded the fixtures and finishes throughout the room.

The final result is a beautiful, spacious master bathroom that our client is absolutely thrilled with. If you're located in the Escondido area and are in need of a bathroom remodel, we would highly recommend giving Creative Design & Build Inc. a call. We'll be happy to help you achieve your vision


Master Bathroom Escondido CA

BEAUTIFEL master bathroom remodel at Escondido ca


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