How to go about planning your kitchen remodel

A kitchen remodel, just like any other remodel or design project, starts in your mind as an idea. Chances are that you already have a good idea of what kind of a kitchen you would like to have. Perhaps you got your idea from a kitchen showroom, from pictures you’ve seen, or maybe from a kitchen that you’ve been in. Whether you already know what you want or not, here’s a quick way to design your space quickly and effectively.

Design style concept

First decide what style concept you would like your kitchen to showcase. Do you want a contemporary kitchen, a modern kitchen, a traditional kitchen, a rustic kitchen design or other? By choosing a design you are able to narrow on design choices such as materials and colors right away. This makes the ensuing process easier. It also allows you to ensure design uniformity on your remodel.

However, note that you don’t have to stick to any one design concept. You can mix and match as per your preferences.

Kitchen layout

Next, come up with a kitchen layout style. The shape and size of your kitchen space will greatly influence this. If you have a smaller kitchen, a one wall design might be the more suitable option. For medium sized kitchens you may consider a galley or L-shaped design. And for larger kitchens you may consider a U-shape or peninsula design. Which one do you think suits your space the best?

planning your kitchen remodel

Wall and floor tiles

Tiles are a big item in any indoor remodeling project. And their effect is huge. Do you know what tiles you’d like? Plain colored ceramic or porcelain tiles are good for floors. You can also go for solid hard wood or wood laminate tiles. For walls there are numerous options from hexagon tiles to penny tiles, monochrome tiles, Moroccan tiles, and rectangular tiles.


Cabinets can really define the look of your kitchen while providing much-needed storage space. Here you get to choose from hundreds of designs ranging from traditional to modern and contemporary. You also get to choose between different handle accessories from chrome and gold to bronze. And when it comes to function you can pay extra for soft-closing cabinet doors.

Workspace countertops

No kitchen is complete without a countertop. Countertop designs are elegant and provide a hard durable surface for you to do all your chopping, cutting, drying, and prepping. Maybe eating too! Choose between marble, granite, quartz, wood, stainless steel, and even concrete. This is one area where your design concept as mentioned area really comes into play.

Lighting and paint

Once your tiles and kitchen cabinets are decided you can start to think about the finishes – lights and paint. You can go with a classic white kitchen, a contemporary design with bold dark colors or you can make your space colorful with different shades and hues. As for lighting you have warm or white LED lights, recessed ceiling lights, chandeliers, hidden ceiling lighting, pendant lighting, and more to choose from.

Kitchen furniture

Lastly, add some furniture to complete your kitchen. You can add some stools for the breakfast bar, some wall hangings and plants to add some color, etc.

Of course, deciding what you want is just one half of your kitchen remodel San Diego County project. Now the real work begins – actually remodeling the space. And this is where Creative Design and Build comes in. Call us and let us help you design your kitchen remodel.