Full remodel

If you're ready for a big change in your home, we'll make it for you!

full home remodeling in Santee - San Diego, CA project - after completed pictures (1)
Bob Arnon (Full Home Remodel)

"My wife was planning on doing a full house remodel and I took a lot of bids. From contractors and from handyman's. I didn't feel comfortable until I met Josh. The crew was really professional everything was clean. They are really professional and detailed on the finished product during the job. We are happy and satisfy."

~ Manny C.

San Diego, CA

"Guy was such a delight to work with when I remodeled my home! He has a really good eye for what will or won't work and he'll be honest with you. He also learns quickly the type of style you like and makes the selection process (choosing tile, flooring, etc) really fun and simple. He explains the whole process well and has a lot of patience.

Remodeling is stressful, no matter what, so choose Guy and he'll make sure the job gets done right and if anything is off, just tell him and it'll get fixed. We stayed in budget too. Guy is professional, follows up, is available to answer questions, resolve issues, and he is fun amidst all the remodel chaos. Give him a call and see for yourself!"

~ Lauren A.

San Diego, CA

Home Remodeling Testimonial in San Diego

Home Remodeling Testimonial in San Diego

full home remodeling in Santee - San Diego, CA project - after completed pictures (1)
full home remodeling in Santee - San Diego, CA project - after completed pictures (1)

Full Remodel

Detailed changes to improve your space.

Are you ready for a complete change? We specialize in full bathroom & kitchen remodels, flooring, painting, and more.

If you are looking to transform your current home into your dream home, give our experts a call today!


Full Remodeling In San Diego California

When it comes to our full remodels, you don't need to worry about things getting left out. We will help you make a complete update to your home.

Most people can tell you that they have a lot of changes they would like to make to their home, for the better. These remodels could be due to a need to update the property, to repair damage and wear, or maybe simply to customize their architectural tastes. What keeps them from getting all that work done is perhaps a lack of time, money, or the right contractor. When you have a project that involves making changes to multiple areas of your home, we call that a full remodel. And here at Creative Design & Build that is one of our specialties.


What does a full remodel consist of?

Most full remodels are extensive and are therefore large projects that could span anywhere from a week to several weeks. Each client has different needs when it comes to their San Diego full home remodel. And those needs are dictated by their wants and the condition of their property. So every full remodel is different. But overall, full remodels touch on the following areas:

  • Kitchen remodeling
  • Bathroom remodeling
  • Floors
  • Lighting
  • Room addition, room conversion, and floor plan redesign
  • Interior paint & wallpaper
  • Furniture and fixtures installation
  • Roofing repair and installation
  • External paint and cladding
  • Outdoors hardscaping and landscaping


Find out if your home needs a full remodel

If your home is not in the condition you would wish for it to be in, you most likely need home remodeling services. Your house has a high probability of requiring a full remodel if:

  • It’s an older property that’s in need of updating.
  • It has lots of repairs that need to be worked on.
  • It’s a newly-purchased property that you want to customize to your tastes.
  • It’s a used property that you want to put on the market.


Why carry out a full remodel?

There are a number of good reasons why it would be in a property owner’s best interests to invest in a full remodel for their property. These are:

  • To make it more functional/have it work better for you.
  • To update/refresh its looks and get rid of wear signs.
  • To improve aesthetics by making design changes.
  • To improve its market value


Finding the right contractor for your San Diego full remodel

If you’re in San Diego, California, and are looking for a reliable local contractor for your residential or commercial full remodel, hiring the right people is critical. The right contractor will save you money by having you avoid repeat repairs thereafter. That is to say, they will get the job done the very first time.

Also avoid contractors that are jacks of all trades. Instead, go for a company such as Creative Design & Build that has a team of specialists in every sector of a full remodel; from plumbing and electrical to flooring, roofing, and tiling. As our client you get to enjoy all your home remodeling projects under one reliable San Diego company but without cutting any corners.

Check out our online reviews and past work to see what we can do for you!


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